Moments will linger long after they're gone.

Last night I met with a lovely couple. We chatted over tea, discussed their wedding day, laughed at random stories. But when the groom mentioned how important it is for me to capture moments with him and his parents and the bride with hers, these particular images popped up in my mind.

For a couple, a wedding is a celebration of love, of new life, and exciting new chapters. 

But for many parents, it’s very different. 

To some, it’s a time of mourning. They’re mourning the loss of their babies who are now leaving the nest (even if they’ve been gone for some time.) They’ve spent nearly a quarter century (or more) raising their children who once moved inside the womb of their mothers. It can be bitter, but oh so sweet. And as a parent myself, I understand how difficult it will be.

To all of my brides and grooms, give your parents a few moments, shed a few tears, and shower them in gratitude. Those moments will linger long after they're gone.