Portrait photography

The Heaths - Family Portraits - Kala Point, WA

I had the pleasure of hanging out with this lovely family during a warm summer evening at Kala Point. They were on a family vacation visiting the beautiful Port Townsend, WA and wanted to document their lovely getaway together. I think that's a fantastic idea! 

The Simmonds - Family Portraits - American Fork, UT

Sometimes words are flowing like a river when I'm writing a blog post. Today, it's a small trickle. It's a hard to find sentences appropriate enough to describe this family, especially my beloved Emily. However, here are a few words that are crystal clear:

  • Beauty
  • Admiration
  • Joyful
  • Simple 
  • Lovely
  • Wisdom
  • Adorable

That sums it up nicely I think. Love you Simmonds/Chapmans!