the birth of Body

a letter from Jen Lee


It has been a journey to be where I am now.

Pain, very real, impossible to explain, terrifying to share, needs to go somewhere. For me, to survive, then to heal I had to find a way to express and embrace the intimate details of my body.

It’s difficult enough to just accept that you have a body worth loving. Don’t get me started on the fact that your bodies are considered an 18+ commodity by god, government and the internet at large.

Up front, if you can’t handle that bodies aren’t property to be regulated or commodified, kindly fuck off.

And that's all I feel I need to say about that. Enough amazing people are fighting that battle.

I needed healing, not a cause...


With a few brave, beautiful women I stepped unknowing into this world of capturing bodies in light and shadow.

Looking around, I quickly found — when it comes to expressing, and embracing the intimate details of your body — options range from Fine Art Nudity, to Boudoir, to Run Away and Stop Trying.

I needed to get my bearings on where I fit in this world.

I found Fine Art Nudity amazing and intimidating. It’s easy to get a little too sculpted. Especially when you're feeling self-conscious. It becomes more about the pillars, drapes and perfect skin.

A fantasy, a fiction. Beauty, idealized, disembodied.

Boudoir, too often, tends to spread too much lipstick and impractical costuming over a last desperate grasp at the movie poster depiction of youth. The prom queen, disenfranchised, discarded.

Another fantasy. Another sad fiction...

I needed to keep the imagery grounded. Immediate. My attitude about my work is the same: capture you in the moment.


For me, for my sake, for yours, Body is not about detached nudity next to lifeless pillars. And it’s not about hiding your "flaws" in your bedroom.

It’s about your life, in your world, in your body. Clothing optional. Bedroom optional. It’s about being comfortable with your body. It’s about loving your body.

It is your body.

I’ve learned how to fall in love with my body. I’ve witnessed bold, beautiful human beings find and fall in love with their bodies.

With my whole heart, I want to help you fall in love with yours. I want you to be able to say this is my Body.


— Jen Lee