Black Bear Cubs - An opportunity I will never forget

My photography career has taken me to amazing places, but this has to be one of the greatest experiences I have encountered yet.

These black bear cubs, Koda and Whiskey, are adorable little terrors. They slobbered on my shoes, bit at my buttons, clawed up my legs, and the little one, Whiskey, actually bit me! 

I was in awe at the strength these 15-ish pound bears were capable of. I can't imagine coming into contact with a full-grown one. Gaining a new appreciation for these beautiful creatures.

Before I started photographing the bears, I was able to bottle-feed Koda. As we waited for his little brother to finish his lunch, Koda sat on my lap like a little kid and played with the buttons on my jacket. That was awesome.

Soon after, we were in the pen where I started shooting. These little rambunctious bears decided that they would rather me play with them than let me photograph them. The last two photographs below are of me rolling around in the grass with these two. 

Such a unique experience.

I would like to thank Patti at Great Basin Wildlife Rehab for giving me this opportunity.

Great Basin is a non-profit organization that focuses on rehabilitating wildlife as well as educating the public about the magnificent animals of Utah and surrounding areas.

Please donate and help keep the momentum going for this awesome organization.

For donations or to hire Great Basin for an event, here is their contact information:


Phone: (801)310-0186